Department of Dermatology

Core Competencies

The core competencies of the ACGME (patient care, professionalism, medical knowledge, interpersonal and communication skills, practice based learning, and improvement and systems based practice), are integrated into each of the clinical rotations the residents participate in and the educational material taught. All residents during orientation receive an introductory course describing the competencies and their evaluation. In addition, specific competencies are discussed based on the needs of the residents during their training. An example is the billing and coding compliance for system based practice, risk management for patient care/safety and systems based practice.

A unique aspect to the program is the Resident Continuity Clinic. This is a resident-operated "real-life experience" clinic under the close supervision of attending faculty physicians. The residents experience first hand system-based practice by being an active practitioner in patient care and the daily standard operating procedures of the clinic. The residents, under direct attending supervision, are responsible for all aspects of patient care from treatment to scheduling follow-up, consultation with other services, billing and coding, documentation, insurance authorization, and quality improvement. This is one of the most enjoyable autonomous learning experiences noted by past and current residents. Residents and graduates have gained valuable insight and appreciation of complexities of current medical practice through these continuity clinics.