Department of Dermatology

Bunimovich Lab

Tumor development relies on the interactions of malignant cells with different non-malignant components within tumor microenvironment.  

The research focus of my lab is to understand the role of tumor-neuro-immune axis in promoting melanoma and non-melanoma skin cancer development and progession. 

Furthermore, we are developing therapies which target emerging new players within tumor microenvironment.  Specific projects include:

  • Understand how melanoma interaction with sensory neurons and Schwann cells promotes tumor progression.
  • Characterize how Schwann cells within tumor microenvironment promote immune-suppression.
  • Develop new technology for single cell isolation and characterization from skin biopsies.
  • Develop new topical immunotherapy to treat high-risk melanoma and non-melanoma skin cancer.


Dr. Bunimovich's publications can be reviewed here.