Department of Dermatology

Tony Tianlun Jiang, MD, PhD

  • 3rd Year Resident - PGY IV

Tony Jiang, MD, PhD began his residency training at the University of Pittsburgh/UPMC in July 2020. Prior to beginning residency, Dr. Jiang completed his undergraduate work at Duke University, going on to earn a combined MD/PhD from the University of Cincinnati College of Medicine. 

Education & Training

  • B.S., Duke Univerity
  • MD, University of Cincinnati College of Medicine
  • PhD, University of Cincinnati College of Medicine
  • Internship, UPMC, Department of Internal Medicine

Representative Publications

1. Shao TY, Ang WXG, Jiang TT, Huang FS, Andersen H, Kinder JM, Pham G, Burg AR, Ruff B, Gonzalez T, Khurana Hershey GK, Haslam DB, Way SS (2019). Commensal Candida albicans Positively Calibrates Systemic Th17 Immunological Responses. Cell Host Microbe 25(3): 404-417. PMID: 30870622
2. Jiang TT, Shao T, Ang WXG, Kinder JM, Turner L, Pham G, Whitt J, Alenghat T, Way SS (2017). Commensal fungi replace the protective benefits of intestinal bacteria. Cell Host Microbe 22(6): 809-816. PMID: 29174402
3. Liu H, Feng X, Ennis KN, Behrmann CA, Sarma P, Jiang TT, Kofuji S, Niu L, Stratton Y, Thomas HE, Yoon SO, Sasaki AT, Plas DR (2017). Pharmacologic Targeting of S6K1 in PTEN-Deficien Neoplasia. Cell Rep 18(9): 2088-2095. PMID: 28249155
4. Jiang TT, Martinov T, Xin L, Kinder JM, Spanier JA, Fife BT, Way SS (2016). Programmed Death-1 Culls Peripheral Accumulation of High-Affinity Autoreactive CD4 T cells to Protect against Autoimmunity. Cell Rep 17(7): 1783-1794. PMID: 27829150
5. Kinder JM, Jiang TT, Way SS (2016). Offspring's Tolerance of Mother Goes Viral Immunity 44(5): 1085-7. PMID: 27192574
6. Xin L, Jiang TT, Kinder JM, Ertelt JM, Way SS (2015). Infection susceptibility and immune senescence with advancing age replicated in accelerated aging Lmna(Dhe) mice. Aging Cell 14(6): 1122-6. PMID: 26248606
7. Kinder JM, Jiang TT, Ertelt JM, Xin L, Strong BS, Shaaban AF, Way SS (2015). Cross-Generational Reproductive Fitness Enforced by Microchimeric Maternal Cells. Cell 162(3): 505-15. PMID: 26213383
8. Jiang TT, Chaturvedi V, Ertelt JM, Xin L, Clark DR, Kinder, JM, Way SS (2015). Commensal enteric bacteria lipopolysaccharide impairs host defense against disseminated Candida albicans fungal infection. Mucosal Immunol 8(4): 886-95. PMID: 25492473
9. Kinder JM, Jiang TT, Ertelt JM, Xin L, Strong BS, Shaaban AF, Way SS (2015). Tolerance to noninherited maternal antigens, reproductive microchimerism and regulatory T cell memory: 60 years after 'Evidence for actively acquired tolerance to Rh antigens'. Chimerism 6(1-2): 8-20. PMID: 26517600
10. Chaturvedi V, Ertelt JM, Jiang TT, Kinder JM, Xin L, Owens KJ, Jones HN, Way SS (2015). CXCR3 blockade protects against Listeria monocytogenes infection-induced fetal wastage. J Clin Invest 125(4): 1713-25. PMID: 25751061
11. Clark DR, Chaturvedi V, Kinder JM, Jiang TT, Xin L, Ertelt JM, Way SS (2014). Perinatal Listeria monocytogenes susceptibility despite preconceptual priming and maintenance of pathogenspecific CD8+ T cells during pregnancy. Cell Mol Immunol 11(6): 595-605. PMID: 25242275
12. Xin L, Jiang TT, Chaturvedi V, Kinder JM, Ertelt JM, Rowe JH, Steinbrecher KA, Way SS (2014). Commensal microbes drive intestinal inflammation by IL-17-producing CD4+ T cells through ICOSL and OX40L costimulation in the absence of B7-1 and B7-2. Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A 111(29): 10672-7. PMID: 25002484
13. Jiang TT, Chaturvedi V, Ertelt JM, Kinder JM, Clark DR, Valent AM, Xin L, Way SS. (2014). Regulatory T cells: new keys for further unlocking the enigma of fetal tolerance and pregnancy complications. J Immunol 192(11): 4949-56. PMID: 24837152
14. Xin L, Ertelt JM, Rowe JH, Jiang TT, Kinder JM, Chaturvedi V, Elahi S, Way SS (2014). Cutting edge: Committed Th1 CD4+ T cell differentiation blocks pregnancy-induced Foxp3 expression with antigen-specific fetal loss. J Immunol 192(7): 2970-4. PMID: 24591368
15. Kinder JM, Jiang TT, Clark DR, Chaturvedi V, Xin L, Ertelt JM, Way SS. (2014). Pregnancyinduced maternal regulatory T cells, bona fide memory or maintenance by antigenic reminder from fetal cell microchimerism?. Chimerism 5(1): 16-9. PMID: 24553046
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17. Ertelt JM, Buyukbasaran EZ, Jiang TT, Rowe JH, Xin L, Way SS (2013). B7-1/B7-2 blockade overrides the activation of protective CD8 T cells stimulated in the absence of Foxp3+ regulatory T cells. J Leukoc Biol 94(2): 367-76. PMID: 23744647
18. Liu C, Rajaram N, Vishwanath K, Jiang T, Palmer GM, Ramanujam N (2012). Experimental validation of an inverse fluorescence Monte Carlo model to extract concentrations of metabolically relevant fluorophores from turbid phantoms and a murine tumor model. J Biomed Opt 17(7): 077012. PMID: 22894524