Department of Dermatology

Jennifer Taylor, PhD

  • Research Instructor

Jennifer Taylor, PhD, is a Research Instructor in the Department of Dermatology, who joined the Department in 2006.  Dr. Taylor earned her undergraduate degree in biology from Old Dominion University, a master's degree in biology/neurobiology from Duquesne University, and received her PhD in molecular virology/immunology from the University of Pittsburgh. 

Dr. Taylor has actively studied the molecular and immunologic biology of cancer cells in order to better understand how they evolve and how they may be effectively managed or eradicated via pharmacologic or immunotherapeutic intervention. In the therapy arena, she has helped to develop both vaccine and gene therapy modalities that effectively promote the T cell-mediated regression of established tumors, including melanomas, and discovered that combination chemoimmunotherapies may exert superior anti-tumor efficacy when compared with their component single modalities in mouse models. 

Education & Training

  • B.S., Old Dominion University
  • M.S., Duquesne University
  • Ph.D., University of Pittsburgh

Representative Publications

  1. Wesa, A.K., M. Mandic, J.L. Taylor, S. Moschos, J.M. Kirkwood, W.W. Kwok, J.H. Finke and W.J. Storkus.  2014.  Circulating Type-1 anti-tumor CD4(+) T cells are preferentially pro-apoptotic in cancer patients. Front. Oncol.   4: 266.

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