Department of Dermatology

Geoffrey Lim, MD

  • 3rd Year Resident: PGY-IV
  • Chief Resident

Geoffrey Lim, MD, a native of Erie, Pa., began his residency with the University of Pittsburgh in July of 2015.

He completed his undergraduate studies at Allegheny College, and he earned his medical degree from Drexel University College of Medicine.  He completed his medical intern year at Mount Sinai Beth Israel, before coming the University of Pittsburgh to begin his residency training.

His hobbies include tennis, basketball, golf, kayaking, and traveling.

Education & Training

  • Undergraduate, Allegheny College
  • MD, Drexel University College of Medicine
  • Internship, Mount Sinai Beth Israel

Representative Publications

  • Lim G, Hudacek K, Lodha S, Chung CL, Cusack CA. Pink scaling papules and plaques on the palms, soles, chest, abdomen, and extremities. Journal of the American Academy of Dermatology 2015;72(5):926-928.
  • Lim GF, Ding CY, Burris K. Leuprolide acetate-induced generalized papular eruption. Journal of Drugs in Dermatology 2014;13(6):946-48.
  • Lim GF, Cusack CA, Kist JM. Perioral lesions and dermatoses. Dental Clinics of North America 2014;58(2):401-35.
  • Picataggi A, Lim GF, Kent AP, Millar JS, Rader DJ, Stylianou IM. A coding variant in SR-BI (I179N) significantly increases atherosclerosis in mice. Mammalian Genome 2013;24:257-65.
  • Aow J, Xue X, Run JQ, Lim G, Goh WS, Clarke N. Differential binding of the related transcription factors Pho4 and Cbf1 can tune the sensitivity of promoters to different levels of an induction signal. Nucleic Acids Research 2013;41:4877-87.
  • Lim GF, Lim SJ, Mahmoodi M, Radfar A. Enlarging hyperpigmented nodule on the right calf. International Journal of Dermatology 2013;52: 933-934.
  • Lim GF, Lim SJ. Localized hypertrichosis of eyelashes and eyebrows. Consultant 2013;53(5): 324.
  • Lim GF, Merz GE, McCann MD, Gruskiewicz JM, Serra MJ. Stability of single-nucleotide bulge loops embedded in a GAAA RNA hairpin stem. RNA 2012;18:807-14.
  • McCann MD, Lim GF, Manni ML, Estes J, Klapec KA, Frattini GD, Knarr RJ, Gratton JL, Serra MJ. Non-nearest-neighbor dependence of the stability for RNA group II single-nucleotide bulge loops. RNA 2011;17:108-19.


  • Lim G, Lim S. Hedgehog pathway inhibition: A case report of basal cell nevus syndrome and response to vismodegib. Pennsylvania Academy of Dermatology and Dermatologic Surgery 48th Annual Meeting, Hershey, PA, September 19, 2015.

Research Interests

Dysplastic nevi, melanoma, quality improvement and patient education

Specialized Areas of Interest

Medical dermatology, dermatologic surgery, melanoma, psoriasis, mucocutaneous disorders, health policy and advocacy, medical education