Department of Dermatology

The Center for Solid Organ Transplant Related Skin Disease


The Center for Solid Organ Transplant Related Skin Disease is located in the Falk Medical Building and is part of the Department of Dermatology. This specialty  clinic provides comprehensive dermatologic care for patients starting as early as the initial evaluation for a solid organ transplant.  From skin cancer screenings to management of dermatologic complications of anti-rejection medications and uncommon skin infections that appear in immunosuppressed patients, the providers in this clinic are well versed in the care of this complex patient population. 

Additionally, this center is active in clinical and foundational research to better understand the dermatologic problems associated with transplantation and the most effective ways to treat and prevent these conditions.


The following providers treat patients in this clinic:

Timothy Patton, DO

Melissa Pugliano-Mauro, MD

Hannah Glass, PA-C


Your Transplant physician or coordinator can refer you for evaluation within this clinic.